Peng Chau

Green Green Soap

Started in spring 2013 in an old house located in the lanes of Peng Chau island, Green Green soap is a natural product studio. The studio makes soaps, body care and household products with natural ingredients, notably sourced in Peng Chau, with the aim of promoting slow living, the culture of a non-toxic home.

Open house: Reboot ‘Back to Nature’

Surprise location


Lau Chun-Ho, Hakgwai is a musician from Hong Kong who engages in various cross-media music performances, music educational programmes, meditative workshops and street performances. Playing a wide range of international musical instruments, such as the Australian Didgeridoo, Handpan, Mongolian Throat Singing, Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, Qin Xiao, Flute, Matouqin, Asalato, Djembe, Guitar, Mouth Harp, as well as beatboxing, he digs into the ancient culture heritages of the world. Combining instruments in an electronic style with the looper effect, he plays solo performances around the world.

Music: Hakgwai music sharing

Cheung Chau

Hong Kong Public Space Initiative

Founded in 2011, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (“HKPSI”) is a charitable non-profit organization. Through research, education and community engagement programs, HKPSI strives to bring the knowledge of public space to all walks of life, in order for people of Hong Kong to understand the value of public space.

Dialogue: Species of Spaces Installation: Encounter Cheung Chau: Dak Haan Yum Cha Installation: Encounter Cheung Chau: Chat to Encounter Workshop: Encounter Cheung Chau: Sketch to Encounter

Peng Chau


ISLANDERS島民 is a zine from Peng Chau that enquires into islands, their people and lifestyles to develop original perspectives on sustainable living.

Dialogue: Species of Spaces
Workshop: Tomorrow Islands