Peng Chau


Peng Chau resident, Cantonese Reggae musician MouseFX will bring his music to the streets of Peng Chau.

Music: Peng Chau Reggae

Chi Ma Wan

Natasza Minasiewicz

Natasza Minasiewicz is an architect, researcher and writer resident in Hong Kong. She focuses on integration and links between the built form and research, educating and running her own collaborative architecture and design practice. Her enquiry-based work exercises space consciousness, social engagement as well as material and craft investigation, in the context of future cultures and environmental equality.

Event/Performance: URBAN ENTITY, PIER

Cheung Chau

Océane Jacob

Océane Jacob is a multidisciplinary artist and environmentalist born and raised in Hong Kong. Océane dedicates her work to highlighting the world’s beautiful but vulnerable ecosystems in the face of the current climate crisis. Subjects such as overfishing, deforestation, pollution, climate change and ocean acidification among others can be found throughout her artwork.

Installation: Pak Kei (The White Taboo)

Peng Chau

Sampson Wong

Sampson Wong is an urbanist, artist and co-founder of the youtube channel 'when in doubt, take a walk'.


Dialogue: Species of Spaces