Little Islander: My Home is_______

dimDIM Cheung Chau

Have you ever imagined how growing up on a small island is like? While there are fewer and fewer children living here, those who do can enjoy very special moments that children living in the city can rarely experience. Let them show us what they call ‘Home’.

Cheung Chau (Along Cheung Chau School Road)
2020.12.05-12.06 (Sat-Sun)

Remarks: The event takes place in a quiet neighborhood, please respect the local community.


Un/folding Memories – Folding Iron Doors on Peng Chau


There are shops on Peng Chau that fondly keep decades-old folding iron doors with carved patterns.  Cinpou would assemble the works of fellow artists and islanders inspired by these doors, guardians of individual families and the neighbourhood at large.  As a door unfolds along the rail, it proudly chants a song of past prosperity, humbly whispers daily stories, and diligently knits the history of the island.

Peng Chau (Cinpou, G/F 3A Wing On Street)
2020.12.04-12.06 (Fri-Sun) 12:30-18:30

Cantonese & English


渡 (portal)

Cheung Chau Wave

When we board the ferry to Cheung Chau we travel both physically and in our minds. This new online project curated by Cheung Chau Wave 浪長洲 aspires to augment and compliment the experience of the passengers, residents and visitors alike, by making a simple offering of artwork specially crafted for the journey.

What if, putting social media and tv aside for just a minute, we are reminded to look out the window and notice the world floating past whilst, for example, listening to a poem by a local artist? How can we bring art into our everyday, switching us into the present, and maybe even go sailing

Inter-island Ferry 
2020.12.04-12.06 (Fri-Sun) 

Cantonese & English

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