26 - 28 March

Peng Chau | Mui Wo | Chi Ma Wan | Cheung Chau

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Inter-island Festival

Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan & Cheung Chau

Inter-island Festival: Here we go again!

Finally, COVID-19 has slightly weakened and everything gets more relaxed, so it’s time: the Inter-island Festival will be relaunched in 26-28 March!
Having postponed for twice, we have gained the experience that every window needs to be captured swiftly and tightly. That’s the reason why we decided to go for late March once we confirmed with our collaborators and sponsors. We apologise for the short notice and still hope to see you on the islands!


Chun, Kit, Myriem
Inter-island Festival

Welcome on board!

During 3 days, the Inter-island Festival sails in between Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau to celebrate our dear island life. With more than 50 collaborators from our islands and beyond, we offer a variety of activities for everyone to dive into the local life and embrace its subtle cosiness.

Fellow islanders, we hope you can take a break and appreciate with a fresh eye this familiar place you call home.

If you can spare the time, try to take the ferry and visit our neighbours! It’s always good to pay a visit to each other and remember what makes us and our culture so special.

And you dear visitor, is this your first time travelling on the inter-island ferry? Take a seat and let the flow guide you to the essence of the island life and the beauty of our landscapes. As you wander around, run into residents who are most friendly when their lifestyles and environment are respected.

Whether you are an islander or not, we hope you can all come together to appreciate, defend and further develop this treasurable character.

Shall we go?

We hope to see you on the islands or the ferry :)


Chun, Kit & Myriem
Peng Chau residents
Organisers, Inter-island Festival