CC1 - Sour Play and Bake (event)
Cheung Chau Sourdough, G/F, 12 Cheung Chun Rd

CC5 - Pak Kei (The White Taboo) (installation)

CC9 - Land.Sea.Sky.Human Tour (tour)

A1 - Goods as Always (game)
Outside the ferry pier
CC2 - Little Islander: My Home is_______ (exhibition)
Along Cheung Chau School Road

CC6 - Community Sharing Weekend (market)
7up store, School road

CC10 - Contact Beyond Contact–Islands version (workshop)
 Cheung Chau Park Roller skating ring

A2 - Write me, Call me (installation)
Ferry pier
CC3 - Encounter Cheung Chau: Impromptu Encounter (installation)
Along the promenade

CC7 - Playback Theatre (In and Out) (performance)
Grassland next to Tai Tsoi Yuen Garden

CC11 - Encounter Cheung Chau: Sketch to Encounter (workshop)
Along the promenade

A3 - The Kingdom of the Future #3 - Passengers (performance)
CC4 - Encounter Cheung Chau: Chat to Encounter (installation)
Along the promenade

CC8 - Twilight Islands (performance)
Sai Wan Pavilion

CC12 - Come speak some local Water Dialect! (workshop)