The Kingdom of the Future #3 —Passengers

Trista Ma & Eric Schlaeflin (L’ARGILE drama collective)

A meditative and poetic performance: Water is life and metamorphosis. Water is the core of Hong Kong life. In Maeterlinck’s tale ‘The Blue Bird’, The Kingdom of the Future is the place of the not yet born children. We have imagined a poetic journey where water is the link between islanders. Water also bears the meaning of coming to life. We are the passengers on this journey and we are unfailingly linked to each other.

Mui Wo, Peng Chau
Date & Time TBC


Playback Theatre (In and Out)

A WOW Theatre

Let stories be heard, let voices be embraced, let us get connected. Audiences will be invited to share their stories according to given themes, and actors will improvise plays based on the stories told. Taking the streets as a backdrop, let’s weave neighbourhoods’ perfume into our collective memory.

Cheung Chau
2020.12.06 (Sun) 14:00-15:30; 16:00-17:30


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Twilight Islands

John Mahon

Inspired by the golden hour of sunset on Cheung Chau, 'Twilight Islands' plays with the interaction of sound, light and shadow within the natural environment as darkness falls.

Cheung Chau (Sai Wan Pavilion)
2020.12.05 (Sat) 17:45-19:00

Remarks: Please quietly approach the venue during the performance, keep your phones on silent mode and with low light setting.



Wilmer Ongsitco Chan & Nelson Hiu

but.t does structured improvisation based on various traditional ethnic folk traditions and found graphic notation. Their improvisation also mimics electronic elements (music) and structure without using electronics. Set in Peng Chau’s Pak Wan beach, the performance will start a dialogue with the place and echo its singular character.

Peng Chau (Pak Wan)
Date & time TBC