Chung Hau Street Tour

Monchi Tsang

Join Monchi in a walk on the oldest shopping street of the village. You will hear the family stories of individual shopkeepers, and get a better sense of the long and complex forces at play in the process of creating neighbourhood feeling. Step into the daily life of the main street in Mui Wo!

Mui Wo (Chung Hau Street)
2020.12.05-12.06 (Sat-Sun) 14:15-15:15


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Land.Sea.Sky.Human Tour

Cheung Chau Wave

A walking tour of stories and oddities past and present from local traders, makers, doers and residents. This tour celebrates Cheung Chau culture and heritage - the visible and the lesser known. From the abstract to the practical, design, art and craft, local rituals and mythology to small-town anecdotes - let us walk you through the narrow streets of an old village full of life. Meet a baker, a painter, a graphic designer, a stone, a dead typographer, a living ruin… it will not be boring! Land-Sea-Sky-Human Tour may be an ambitious title, however as the island and its people go about their daily business, if you care to observe you will see its magic.

Cheung Chau 
2020.12.05-12.06 (Sat-Sun) 11:00-14:00

Cantonese & English

Remarks: Tour duration is 3 hours. Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing. We encourage having a big breakfast as participants will have a late lunch.

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Native Tree-care Hill Walk

Ark Eden

Adults and children (good walkers aged 6+) are invited to help care for some of the saplings Ark Eden has planted in the surrounding hillsides. From Ark Eden it is a 20-30 minute hike to fertilise, weed around, measure the young trees and enjoy the wonderful views of the Mui Wo valley and beyond...

Mui Wo (Ark Eden, 11 Tung Hang Mei Tsuen)
2020.12.05-12.06 (Sat-Sun) 10:30-12:30


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The Art of Foraging

Yiu Yiu (Liane)

The Art of Foraging aims to connect, discover, and capture the beauty and abundance of Lantau natural landscape, while questioning the vanishing of such ancient ways of survival. Through the practice of foraging as a direct participatory with nature, the vitality of the island's wilderness is explored and its relationship is deepened through our senses. Specimen of foraged plants will be portrayed in a collection of work displayed around the village.

Participants will be led on a tour in Mui Wo village to experience the art of foraging. Through a direct, mindful, intimate process of listening to nature, participants will be guided to locate wild plants in their local habitat and learn about the usages of our local botany.

Mui Wo 
2020.12.06 (Sun) 15:00-17:00

Cantonese & English

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