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船到橋頭生活節2023是由坪洲 Islanders島民、葉啟俊、Jimmie Lu;長洲渡日書店;麻灣Miko Yeung;梅窩Vibe 書店 聯合發起

Inter-Island Festival is an art and life event that borrows the existing inter-island ferry connection between Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau, to celebrate and build upon the rich and varied cultures of living by the sea in Hong Kong.

The Festival aims at strengthening the bounds between island communities, promoting the unique cultures that develop in the inter-island region, and advocate for respect for the islands’ natural characteristics and the diverse non-human communities living on land and in the sea. We hope to shape a path for a common future on the islands.

With long-term objectives, the Festival is organised as a bi-annual art and life event that reminds residents of the unique place where they live. During the Festival, island residents can engage in various activities (tours, workshops, performances), visit neighbouring communities and celebrate life by the sea in their own way.

Inter-island Festival is initiated by Peng Chau residents Myriem Alnet, Chan Chun-kit and Yip Kai-chun, with:
- Cheung Chau: 渡日書店 to-day bookstore;
- Chi Ma Wan: Miko Yeung;
- Mui Wo: VIBE Book and Music Shop (Gary Brightman & Cary Nicholson);
- Peng Chau: Jimmie Lu.

2021 Edition



The first Inter-island Festival took place on 26–28 March 2021, and focused on the art, tradition, nature and urban-rural environments of these islands. More than 50 collaborators held over 40 activities, such as tours, workshops, installations, performances, open houses and screenings. Residents of the islands were organisers, participants, volunteers and donors. Over 10,000 participants joined the Festival.

It was funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong Design Trust, C.C.Wu Foundation, and island supporters.

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